What's On The Menu?


Lilly's Kitchen and Bar


Design, Layout, Print, and Bind 80 Menus


The client wanted a 4-page 8.5" x 11" menu designed, with the front cover showing the business' name, and the back page containing a personalized message from the owners. He also wanted to find an affordable way to bind the menus, as he would not be purchasing sleeves or covers for his menus at the time.


To keep the theme consistent, the font used on the main sign was also used on the menus. I found the font was a little difficult to read when printing the first proof. The font was adjusted in outline form as the original font did not have the option to bold, and this corrected the issue. My purse with the eyelets and rings gave me the idea to bind the menus in a subtle way that fit with the elegant vintage theme.


After a few minor layout alterations, the client was happy to go ahead with the menu design and printing.

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