Logo for Alberta Rink of Dreams


Alberta Rink of Dreams


Design a logo to represent the organization.


During discussion with the client to get a better idea of what they envisioned for the logo, a previous attempt at a logo was supplied. The previous draft was not quite what the client was looking for, though some of the elements included were, perhaps, along the lines of what they were looking for.


As I learned more about Alberta Rink of Dreams and its purpose, it became clear they wanted the logo to represent a young hockey player's dream becoming reality. After being told the logo would also have to look good on a badge, a circular design seemed the most appropriate. The client offered a new sketch of some ideas that came to mind and I went to work. After looking up a bit more information about the organization and asking a few more questions, a more complete image was starting to come to mind.


After working with some sketches on paper and creating a more clear image of what I was going to create, I pulled images from previous photography jobs and some copyright-free images to use as rough references. The individual graphics were created and then combined in Illustrator.


The client was very happy with the initial proofs, but there was still something missing. After some more consultation, the province of Alberta was added in the background, the colours were changed, and maple leafs were included.

Two versions of the logo were created, one light to suit a dark background and the other dark to suit a light background.

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