Gull Lake Winterfest


Gull Lake Winterfest


Design a poster and logo for Gull Lake Winterfest


The Winterfest Committee contacted me to design their poster and logo for their 2016 event, since they were happy with the poster I designed for Winterfest 2015. They did not have any specific details to offer, other than the information about the event they wanted included on the poster.


I reviewed a few other posters advertising local family events to get a feel for what would attract attention. I also looked into colours that were most associated with winter fun. A snowflake made the most sense to have in the logo, and some different snowflake designs were reviewed online to general some ideas.


I decided to do a full illustration with a playful font. Winterfest does not have a mascot, so a snowman was selected to represent the family friendly event as he is often associated with winter fun. The sign in the illustration seemed the most appropriate way to highlight the main message, with the details in smaller font placed over the snow below. The logo was designed to give the feel of ice and snow, which fit with the event's theme.


The poster was posted in Gull Lake and the surrounding area to advertise the event.

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