COVID-19: Our Social Responsibility

On Mar. 11, 2020, the World Health Organization published the opening remarks by the WHO Director-General addressing the world about the serious situation surrounding the Corona Virus Disease 2019, commonly referred to as COVID-19, and declaring it a global pandemic. The Director went on to highlight the measures all governments and countries must take in order to mitigate the spread and reduce the overall impact of this disease.  

We would all do well to listen to the educated and experienced professionals who have the data to support their concerns and recommendations. Unfortunately, there are many who prefer to deny that which does not work in their favour in terms of business and/or personal life. When a fact is given by our world's experts with solid supporting evidence, where is the sense in ignoring it?

A few ideas came to mind after taking a moment to contemplate why:

  • Finding the information and situation too overwhelming to process, so it is easier to ignore it and go about the regular routine while that situation works itself out on its own.

  • Personal comforts, values and goals conflict with what is required of them, such as not being able to maintain the comfortable routine that offers a sense of control over one's life, being unable to participate in the usual group activities, or not being able to make this quarter's sales goals.

  • The potential loss of work and the financial security it can provide.

Pondering aside, regardless of how much we may wish this pandemic was not a serious global issue requiring the co-operation of everyone, the fact is we have a virus that can, and has, caused serious illness and death. Even if one person does not develop serious complications from contracting COVID-19, they could carry it to someone else who may not survive it. We all have a social responsibility to consider everyone around us, not just ourselves and our own families. As the WHO Direct-General Stated, "We're in this together".

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