A Sign For The Business


Lilly's Kitchen and Bar


A simple design based on the original image provided by the client.


The client had a fairly clear idea of what he wanted the sign to look like, based on a quick sketch he provided. He wanted a black background with white elegant font that was not too decorative.


Using his sketch as a reference, I started the hunt for an elegant font that was easy to read, not too embellished, but classy. This took some time going through numerous fonts, especially italic fonts with a bit of flare without going too overboard.


Once I narrowed down the font choices to three, I created three options for the client to choose from. I chose the first font that was a little more decorative to be one extreme, the second that was a little more plain to be the other extreme, and the third was a decent balance of the two.


After some deliberation, the client selected Option 2 to use for his front sign. With his budget in mind, I collected quotes from a few different sign businesses, as well as which materials they made their signs out of, and forwarded a report to my client. After he decided where he wanted his sign to be made, I arranged the printing and creation of the sign on his behalf.

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