A Logo To Represent Great Food And Its Origin


Lilly's Kitchen and Bar


Elegant Design to "Dress Up" the Menu


Interviewed the client to establish the restaurant's style, colour, theme, atmosphere, and more. The main goal was to have a clear understanding of what the client envisioned his restaurant would be like, as the menus would need to reflect it.


During the consultation, the client mentioned how important it was for him to include his family in teh business. His children being so young, he was not sure how he was going to include them. I took a chance and did my best to find symbols to represent each member of his family in the illustrations. Along with researching family heritage, I looked at vintage and elegant themes of other fine dining establishments.


Notes and sketches were drafted before a final design was settled on, and then the graphics were created in Illustrator. The above image was then compiled and sent to the client for his review and consideration.


The design was accepted and used to decorate all three menus, as well as the digital menu boards created to post is daily specials on Facebook and their website.

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