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Layla Baird

Graphic Designer, Writer, Office Assistant

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Graphic Design, Writing,

Office Assistance

Graphics, stories, and reports, all have to do with communication. If the graphic conveys the wrong impression, the wording is not right, or the facts have not been properly checked, the right message may not be received.

​Stories, Illustrations, Photography, and more.

While I can list everything I can do, images speak louder than words. This page is where I share some of my personal projects as I gain more experience and improve my skills.

​General Thoughts

Related to Work 

When thoughts or ideas come to mind about work, I will share some of them in my blog. These entries are usually about work, projects, and professional self-employment.

(Blog currently under construction.)

​After attending university from 2004 to 2006 where I studied literature, history, and theology, among a few other electives, I worked as a freelance journalist for newspapers throughout Western Canada until 2014. During that time I also offered writing, graphic design, photography and office assistance services. 

Through my freelance work and the positions I have held in hospitality, retail, news, and more, I gained valuable experience and knowledge in customer service, professional writing, research, interviewing, editing, layout, photography, journalism, office administration, graphic design, illustration, supervision, management, social media setup and management, and more. I have also volunteered my time to numerous municipal committees and events. 

Programs used in my various positions have included Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite, CaseWare, Sage, and AutoCAD.

In 2015, I earned my diploma in Creative Digital Media with honors. In 2021, I returned to university to complete my undergraduate in Psychology before moving on to earn my master's degree.


I love what I do and like to help where I can.

I am ​a firm believer in hard work and continuous growth.

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