Why Create This Website?

March 23, 2020

By Layla Baird

This website is a way to assist my being more mindful of the present and take note of some of the little details we often miss when going about our daily activities. It is easy to lose sight of what is important to us in the day-to-day grind, which can, at times, leave us feeling lost and directionless. By having this website sitting here, it is a constant reminder to be more active in creating the life I desire.

The core of who I am is an observer and listener who enjoys exploring and learning what I can about everything that brings out my curiosity. My creativity is often inspired by spending time in nature, reading new material, being involved in good conversation, or experiencing something new. This means I need to go out and continue collecting data I can use to feed my imagination, and I may as well commit to sharing some of what I find and create.



Writing has been a favourite pastime since I could first hold a pencil. Whether I am stressed or have some time to relax, writing stories, listing ideas, or sketching are often the activities I default to. It is only natural the major I fell into when attending university would be the Bachelor of Arts, where I studied literature, history, and theology, along with a few other electives.


Being self-employed right out of university, I worked as a freelance journalist for papers across western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. During this time, I took pictures that related to the stories and events I was covering, conducted research and interviews to ensure my facts were as true as possible, and had many feature columns published. In addition to my work as a freelance journalist, I have ghost written countless articles on a variety of subjects, had some fiction pieces published, been hired to photograph events, and have sold numerous wildlife and landscape prints.


I returned to school in 2014 to earn my diploma in Creative Digital Media, where I further developed the knowledge and skills necessary to complete graphic design, illustration and photography projects.

What am I up to now?

With the way the economy is going, opportunities to work as a freelance journalist are a little more difficult to come by. Freelancing through online third parties has also proven to be less fruitful with the increased competition for bids and drop in pay. Being more interested in producing quality work, I decided to turn my focus on personal projects. This meant income would have to come from another source while I built up my own work on the side, so I followed my husband to Alberta to join his parents’ business.


As much as I have attempted to adapt to a new industry over the first three years, my heart is still very much pulled back to what I have done all my life. In respect to myself, I am working towards publishing more pieces, practicing my illustration skills, dusting off my camera and going back out to work on my photography skills, and looking to return to school in some capacity to satisfy other interests.